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Pesach (Passover) Fund

Our special Pesach fund was established in 2003. Since then, over $502,960 was raised and distributed! No expenses were taken. Every dollar of that money was given to poor families for their Pesach needs. Dozens of emails were received thanking us for our support but we decided to put just this one on the site:

"Dear Shmuel and the good people of Am Yisrael Chai, When I returned home with the money that Shmuel gave me, I gave it to my wife. She immediately went into our room, put on a dress and makeup and smiled for the first time in a month. She then told me that she's going out - like all the other women in the neighborhood - to shop for Pesach. She left the house full of life. Thank you for helping our family for Pesach and for returning my wife to me!" - Happy Pesach to one and all!

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